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Internet home decoration and traditional home decoration depth integration of the two can achieve wi

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A traditional decoration is facing the integration, the trend of the Internet is very obvious because of the real estate in our country is developing at a high speed, the owners of the decoration demand soared, in the face of such a huge market potential, China's big city decoration companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance. According to incomplete statistics, China's decoration market overcapacity is serious, many decoration companies are faced with nothing to do, have to do some subcontracting projects to maintain livelihood. In the face of so many decoration company owners choose mostly for the good reputation of the decoration company, but for some unknown decoration companies, this means that we must use price as bait, to choose their own decoration to attract owners. Due to the low price of these small decoration, decoration company will usually take the form of shoddy work, reduce the flow and compression cost, caused the owners of the decoration can not be guaranteed, and finally let the traditional Jiezhuang companies into low prices, poor quality, difficult to maintain the vicious circle among decoration. These decoration companies in order to survive, some began to subcontract projects, and some began to cooperate with well-known decoration companies for deep integration, decoration market, the depth of integration of the pattern is further realized. Affected by the Internet and the depth of integration of decoration industry, some decoration company began to transfer the Internet decoration company orders to survive, but this does not solve the problems of traditional Jiezhuang industry fundamentally, even to the traditional Jiezhuang industry brought more negative effects.
Second, each process is the Internet industry and traditional Jiezhuang depth fusion before renovation is difficult to achieve on the Internet, mainly because the traditional decoration involves many links, these links are combined with their own and the Internet is not particularly close, eventually led to the owners of the decoration of these links to online, these links the Internet crisis and challenges. With the Internet and our life with more and more closely, the decoration process involves many aspects can be achieved on the Internet, which to some extent leads to the traditional decoration industry is in a subtle way by the Internet industry influence, this influence includes sales mode, logistics mode, mode of payment etc. hand. With the deep integration of these areas and the Internet industry, they began to turn to the Internet industry. In building materials, for example, a few years ago, it is hard to imagine, ceramic tile, flooring, wardrobe, bathroom and other building materials can be purchased at the site, and with these brand building materials will have its own brand flagship store placed on websites, consumers to buy building materials on the website of the behavior is becoming increasingly commonplace.
Three, the traditional home of all aspects of the product gradually in the online selling traditional Jiezhuang industry in all aspects of use of single product began selling on the website of the flagship store, many owners have begun to purchase their own decoration materials on the site in the decoration process. From some small ornaments inside the room to the living room sofa, many owners have begun to buy on the website. With these small objects in tandem with the entire decoration of the big link, you can expect that the future purchase of a whole site on the site decoration may not be impossible. With the new technology increasingly mature conditions began to get more and more Internet home business will focus in the concept of new Internet decoration, design, construction, final acceptance, maintenance of the integration link as a whole home concept, users only need to purchase a home can easily complete the renovation of the family to buy to bid farewell to the traditional home of the pain points and problems, the real decoration becomes a very pleasant thing.

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