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Depth analysis of the ten key words of flooring industry in the first half of 2017

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The first half of 2017 has passed, the flooring industry very influential, the breakdown of the flooring industry event, the development directions of the flooring industry, the industry is our duty.
1, the exhibition of Shanghai flooring exhibition, can be called the most authoritative in the Asia Pacific region floor trade exhibition, in March every year attracts the vision from the global wood industry, to the floor people bring such a grand gathering. The exhibition, after 18 years of accumulation, continuous innovation breakthrough, has transformed into a brand display, industrial chain integration, cross regional trade as one of the Asia Pacific flagship material trade comprehensive platform. Event playback in March 22, 2017, the whole city of Shanghai because of the nineteenth China International ground materials and paving technology exhibition held, attracted the vision of the global wood industry. The exhibition floor industry trade in Asia Pacific region as the most authoritative, Shanghai material exhibition has always been the global flooring industry collective event, exhibition of products also represents the highest level of current technology and the latest trends in the industry. With the fierce competition in the flooring market, many flooring brands gradually strengthen the product dislocation competition, differentiation competition, in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Manufacturers of information industry, and discusses the prospect of communication here; dealers find Italian brands together to Nuggets here; the world's top brands, product innovation and technical material and industry leaders gathered in Shanghai, Pudong New International Expo Center gongxiangshengju. During the exhibition, the popularity of hot and surging flow of people, almost equal to the enterprise investment and brand image display transcripts.
2, environmental protection in the concept of healthy home is becoming more and more popular today, environmental issues have been the focus of attention of consumers. The industry believes that if the new revision of the formaldehyde emission limit standards promulgated, will have an impact on the production floor and floor glue enterprises, had reached the standard of E2 adhesive for the prohibition of the use, increase the cost of production enterprises. With the formulation of "environmental protection tax", health and environmental protection consumption is the most concerned topic of consumers in recent years, formaldehyde emission limit requirements are more and more strict, is the trend of the development of the flooring industry. Event playback environmental protection tax began on January 2018, which means that 37 years of sewage charges system will withdraw from the stage of history. From the environmental protection tax and nearly five months time, environmental taxes in the coming days, will also be the price of the plate, we have the floor enterprise ready? "The implementation of the People's Republic of China environmental protection law", on the one hand to the upstream industry to accelerate the survival of the fittest, zombie companies exit, optimize the allocation of resources on the other hand; with the whole society to invest in environmental protection enhance the enthusiasm of enterprises, will increase investment in environmental protection and emission reduction, will accelerate the relevant environmental protection enterprises will benefit.
3, brand today, we have entered the era of brand is king, flooring enterprises, brand building is particularly important. To strengthen and promote the flooring brand construction strategy has become the only way for the transformation, upgrading and innovation of the flooring enterprises. However, under the new situation, the construction of flooring brands is facing many challenges. A replay of the event April 24, 2017 the State Council issued the "State Council on Approving the establishment of" Chinese brand "approved", since 2017 will be the year of May 10th to set up as a "Chinese brand", marking the brand strategy up to hitherto unknown height. Taking this opportunity, many flooring enterprises with technology as the support, quality as the foundation, innovation as the driving force, and with the international vision, will realize the rapid rise of the brand. The first half of 2017 impressive brand events, is undoubtedly the third brand flooring is the change. Flooring announced in 2017 brand strategy conference, will focus on the future of wood floor heating.
  4, geothermal in recent years, the flooring industry has undergone changes, before the public is regarded as the Arabian Nights geothermal floor has become a hot flooring industry, popular market. With the formulation and improvement of the industry standards and standards, the development of geothermal floor is becoming more and more stable and mature, and the geothermal floor is gradually accepted by consumers. However, the market is limited, how to share a piece of hot spot on the cusp of geothermal energy is a problem that the flooring enterprises should think about. A replay of the event now geothermal floor market in a rapid development and expansion stage, geothermal is not only northeast, northwest and North China's patent, with the improvement of living standards, in the East, southwest and even South sector area, geothermal floor also growing in popularity. Geothermal floor enterprises should ensure the quality of products, ensure the quality of installation, and correctly guide consumers to use and maintain the geothermal environment. At this stage of rapid development, the development level of each manufacturer is different, for example, it is quite good, these big brands, has a complete set of system and technology of product quality, to heat the floor of the installation and use of customer service service etc..
5, the rise of raw materials, China is the world's second largest timber consuming countries, timber production is relatively limited compared with the huge population of China, the flooring industry is facing severe problems of raw material rising. In the loss of profits to industry background, floor enterprise how to keep up with consumer demand change rapidly, do upstream, to seize the market share of each floor enterprise should ponder the question. A replay of the event theme "in the summer of 2017 inclusive growth" in the fourth industrial revolution in the Davos forum in June 20th continue to be held in Dalian. The meeting said that the current Chinese flooring industry as a whole lack of raw materials. With the implementation of national natural protection project, strict steal cutting, deforestation, the northeast and other places of the forest logging ban and limit; Jilin, Yunnan, Guangxi and other timber production big province indicated that forestry is declining dramatically, in addition, the United States, Russia, Malaysia and other countries have announced reduced timber export policy; and Burma war causes for manufacture of floor wood supply speed reduced, timber market price momentum has been faced with difficult to control the situation.
6, the supervision of the flooring market, the prosperity of steady development there are also many problems, some flooring enterprises false propaganda, misleading consumers and other phenomena that consumers have a crisis of confidence on the floor of the brand. As the national regulatory authorities, should be established early mature supervision system, standardize the flooring market; as the floor enterprises should improve their product quality, enhance the consciousness of self-discipline; as the media, the media should create a good ecological environment, to ensure that the correct guidance of public opinion. A replay of the event in May 2017, China Consumer Association officercarries 30 three layer wood flooring products, after inspection, well-known imported floor operators will be too high, beauty 4 imported brands on the floor in a number of indicators far less than the price is more close to the people of the domestic brands on the floor for the poor quality of the black list of characters. The second quarter of 2017, Shaanxi Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Baoji sample of Xi'an, Xianyang, Weinan, West Ham district and 50 production enterprises in 50 batches of wood furniture samples, after inspection, comprehensive judgment of qualified 43 batches of samples, 7 batches of substandard, "Kay Dickson" and "Magnolia" and other brands on the black list. In July, Zhejiang Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision organizations to carry out the province's wood flooring plywood products for the supervision and inspection conducted in Wuxing, Nanxun and other 2 regions 15 enterprises in 15 batches of solid wood composite floor with plywood products, 0 batches of substandard batch pass rate of 100%. In this regard, in recent years, all aspects of regulatory checks are no longer one by one examples, regulators increasingly frequent spot checks, so that a lot of quality problems of illegal enterprises without loopholes. Only in the effort to improve their product quality, enhance self-discipline consciousness, can make flooring enterprises have better and more stable development.
7, consumers pay more attention to the current marketing floor brand products and services, products and services is the key to the enterprise brand construction, so the floor enterprises want to obtain long-term development in the market, but also have to do brand marketing. Event playback in July, Yongji floor landing in the strong CCTV 1 sets, 2 sets and 13 sets, geothermal brand new appearance. It is understood that the floor Yongji future will vigorously promote the brand, in addition to CCTV advertising, in addition to Zhejiang traffic radio, voice of Zhejiang radio station, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway and freeway artillery advertising advertising. In addition to brand marketing advertising, too many to count Flooring Companies in the marketing process, only pay attention to the surface of the product marketing before flooring companies, consumers may not understand the true meaning of its brand, and now the floor enterprises pay more attention to the brand marketing of enterprises, not only frequently appear in the eyes of consumers, pay more attention to the value of the return.
8, experience, whether traditional manufacturing, or relying on the Internet technology services, pay attention to experience has always been an important part of brand development. When the floor electricity supplier suddenly rises, when the Internet home decoration rampant, floor people began to actively appeal to "return to the product, return to experience"". Event playback experience marketing refers to the floor enterprises will be tangible products as the carrier, take a differentiated service, attention to consumer sentiment, pay attention to the consumer experience, to meet the individual needs of consumers, the consumer behavior in the social scene, so that consumers have a deep and good experience in emotional and psychological, is to promote a benign interactive marketing mode innovation formed between the consumer and the floor enterprise. "Experience" has become a stumbling block to the development of the electricity supplier, Taobao has launched Taobao store experience to build platform. Taobao to set up experience store, why the floor store can not be converted to experience the place? So online display, offline experience to promote the two-way development of the floor electricity supplier and store business. For part of the convenience of customers, habits of online shopping consumers, perhaps from the network platform to buy floors is not a new experience, but the vast majority of consumers still more emphasis on product experience. From all the water to see the floor floor in smooth water, electricity shackles, "no experience do not like" the terminal stores become the most popular and effective PK skills.
9, cooperation in recent years, the rapid development of flooring enterprises, flooring enterprises, in order to increase the market share in the floor market, we must strengthen cooperation with all aspects. Each floor enterprise need to pay a certain effort to manage the cooperation relationship, to long-term cooperation direction to develop, enhance the floor enterprise brand image. At the beginning of 2017, Del and a replay of the event, it is the floor held a "win-win | & Del Gerber strategic cooperation conference, open up a new situation in the flooring industry. In April 19th, Sheng floor in the 2017 release of the brand strategy, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the giant star Chinese circulation, Meikailong home site, to further deepen cooperation, together to create a new chapter in career. On July 11th, Premier geothermal floor and the Millennium boat group launched the 2017 strategic cooperation, launched the "extension of the new trends, win the future" as the title of the cooperation and exchange. Insiders said, overcapacity exacerbated the terminal market competition, in order to intercept the fastest consumer terminal, all kinds of industry cooperation emerge in an endless stream industry cooperation is conducive to the integration and sharing of both the advantages of resources, the layout of the large floor industry road, promote the entire flooring industry future transformation and change, establish the direction for the future development of the industry brands.
10, product subdivision flooring enterprises continue to expand marketing strategy, flooring products subdivision also plays a crucial role in the development of enterprises. Flooring enterprises rely on product segmentation, easier to establish market position, play their own comparative advantage, differentiated competition. Event playback flooring market segmentation era has come, many flooring enterprises in the market segmentation trend to try the "fine battalion" mode. February 28th, "accident - nature floor N+ space solutions conference" held in Zhongshan Guangdong Redwood Culture Expo city. The conference site, nature published kitchen floor, floor toilet slip resistant floor and balcony aging, and children's creative floor, cater to the consumer pain point, product differentiation, the industry is undoubtedly very unexpected. The personage inside course of study says, in Chinese home building material industry, nature home move undoubtedly has subversive meaning, can be described as the first shot of flooring industry subdivision market. Committed to bring more surprises and surprises for consumers, while leading the industry to deep market segmentation direction. Through the above 2017 floor industry in the first half of ten keywords of inventory, whether we have a deeper understanding on the flooring industry? The market is dull, but constantly fine-tuning, frequent concept in the era of environmental protection, such as geothermal away, behind the words, is all real floor enterprise strength.

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