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The craftsman spirit under the background of supply side reform"

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Under the background of supply side reform, "craftsman spirit" has become a veritable high-frequency word in the flooring industry. Nowadays, the trend of consumption upgrading is irreversible. Flooring industry, as a traditional manufacturing industry, has been imperative to carry forward the spirit of craftsman and take it as a standard of conduct in the process of stepping into the high-end industry.
Insist on quality and strive for perfection
The most effective interpretation is never cutting corners." In the industry view, the minimum threshold of practicing artisan spirit: "never cut corners", and as the basic line, all throughout every product development, manufacturing, management and service etc.. "Rather lose money, absolutely can not compensate for quality", flooring enterprises should put such a spirit, a culture into the enterprise and even the whole society values.
Japanese enterprise employees often do not work as a tool to make money, but to establish occupation awe and dedication to work, the absolute attention to detail, to manufacture products as to show their personality and reputation, they are willing to challenge the extreme, and as a kind of life attitude. China has been a country with innovative tradition and craftsman spirit since ancient times. Many old brands are carrying the spirit of ancient craftsmen, that is, adhere to quality, excellence. China manufacturing is currently shifting from big to strong, the new era is the artisan spirit to "raise the quality, brand", floor enterprise is to practice the artisan spirit, continuous innovation, the pursuit of quality, so as to obtain long-term development.
Close to the demand, break through innovation
The flooring industry is in the critical moment, the upgrading of consumption structure transformation, the user demand for products also do not like the original, in fact, users are more concerned about the choice of products is the experience of the whole process, including the purchase of the product before the service experience, to buy the product in the process of product experience and the use of purchase experience. How to enhance the entire user experience, flooring enterprises need to play the spirit of individual and team craftsman, close to the needs of users, to achieve breakthroughs in each link, the whole value stream innovation.
"Our positioning is not simply selling products, but the designer of a better life."." The floor should be the enterprise cognition, before the design, focus on customer needs, conduct research, and even users living together in order to gain insight into the real needs of users, and then focus on the needs of users of technology breakthroughs provide meet the practical needs of products, so as to get consumer recognition.
The upgrading of consumption is behind the quality upgrade, users need high-quality products and better consumer experience, the floor enterprises should take the artisan spirit into a culture, into all aspects of production, so that we can keep up with the pace of development.

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