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Grasp the industry tuyere strategic planning of floor three giants

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According to the "China flooring industry market research and investment potential research report" forecast, by 2020, the average floor spread rate of large cities will reach about 30%-35%, small and medium-sized cities floor average popularity rate will exceed 15%. It is estimated that 2016-2021 years, China's flooring industry overall growth trend, it is estimated that by 2021, China's wood flooring industry sales revenue will be close to 130 billion yuan. Under the trend of polarization, the flooring industry is becoming increasingly clear, and the whole industry is becoming more and more clearly showing a brand, lean, Internet and capitalization trend. Facing the vast majority of floor enterprises, is an extremely hard and bitter fight. How to grasp the industry outlet, achieve sustainable development? As the floor of the big three nature, Dekor and Del may give us some direction.
Different encounters, but ushered in the duel hero
All roads lead to Rome, must find their own way, suitable for their own is the best. In 90s of the last century, it is Home Furnishing building materials, age of heroes circle the meeting of wind and clouds. But fate gave them three completely different opportunities, but let them in the way after came with a battlefield, and usher in an epic showdown.
From 1995, when She Xuebin opened the first factory to produce wooden floor, he kept breaking through himself. He realized that it is not long enough to earn profits only by the cost advantage of labor force. Only by forming a brand can we stand out and go far. In 2011, he made a successful listing of the floor of nature with China Flooring Holding Company Limited on the main board of Hongkong stock exchange, which set off a new start of nature's two pioneering work. In June 2016, the value of nature brand jumped to 27 billion 935 million yuan, nearly 2 yuan higher than that of 23 billion 426 million yuan in 2015, ranking the first in the flooring industry.
And She Xuebin built the nature of brick, Weng Shou bin Dekor, more like behind the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height. In 1995, Weng Shou bin joined the brand Dekor with the identity of the investor of the entrepreneurial team, as one of the early founders group. In 2008, under the leadership of Weng Shaobin, Dekor completed the integration of industrial chain and 12 consecutive years of sales of similar products in the domestic sales way ahead, choose again jump in the industry highly homogeneous competition, will be more focused on the global horizon. The 2016 revenue reached 4 billion 300 million yuan, the brand value has reached 23 billion 592 million yuan, is a leader in the field of the floor is worthy of the name.
Compared with the nature and iconography, Del founded though will be a little late, but as chairman, Ru Jiyong business talent early in his youth he has shown, he made a lot of achievements and help. From the establishment of the brand in 2000 to the successful listing in 2011, and so far, Del's every step has gone very solid and brilliant. In 2016, Del acquired 100 wins, with wardrobe as the cutting entrance, integrated home industry resources, in order to build the company's intelligent Internet home ecological industry chain, to achieve the strategic transformation and upgrading of home industry.
Transformation era, everyone into a breakthrough Road
After 30 years of rapid development, China's home furnishing industry ushered in new ideas and patterns of development, "big home" is becoming the strategic trend of many enterprises and the future development trend of the industry. In the context of this industry, the layout of the floor enterprises, large household strategy also needs to make a good analysis of the market situation, only grasp the situation, in order to find the future market competition for their own development direction. In the first half of 2014, nature announced its entry into the big home, and then changed the name of the company from "nature floor" to "nature home". In order to comply with the customized needs, the nature home put forward the concept of "DFC" - Design (Design) + factory (factory), facing consumers (customer). The whole mode is from source control, factory direct supply, customer customization, online drainage, offline experience. In essence, the upgraded version of O2O, in fact, always around the consumer as the core, providing a closed-loop service from the material source to the product terminal. In 2017, nature announced that it would carry out a comprehensive and intelligent transformation of its factory in the country, not only to maintain the leadership of the flooring category, while planning to build its door into the industry leader brand. Nature Home Furnishing intelligent transformation is the same in 2014, Dekor has officially launched the big Home Furnishing strategy: to industry as a strategic core, the floor around the core category, accelerate the development of other categories of wood, wood to create Home Furnishing leading brand. The product category extends from the original single floor to the standard door, wardrobe, the overall kitchen, furniture and other categories of home products. In April 2017, held in Danyang Home Furnishing Dekor Dekor Museum inauguration ceremony, which marks the development of "Home Furnishing Dekor" strategy has taken a solid step. In September 2015, "Del home" officially renamed "Del future", and gradually entered the "graphene" and "smart home" and other fields, based on the floor as a support to accelerate the integration of home industry resources. In the "big home" expansion, Del through 2016 acquisition of 100 wins, the wardrobe field as an entry point, and strive to expand the strategic layout of large home and intelligent upgrade. In January 2017, Del group also released strategic business platform, and announced a strategic partnership with the Boer floor, integration and sharing of the resources, the establishment of a public brand category aggregation platform, integration of their respective resources, market segmentation, customer segmentation, the ecological model to create a win-win cooperation, realize common development platform of the brand enterprise.
Embrace the Internet, tide sweeping sail
"Internet plus" industry new normal birth Home Furnishing consumption patterns change, but the Internet market is not mature Home Furnishing Chinese model can refer to a lot of things are not validated. Flooring enterprises how to innovate, really read the user, but also faces many challenges. In 2013, the nature of "embrace the Internet by boat" business strategy, in April of that year was incorporated into the electricity supplier operations center in Tmall; 2016 double 11, nature day total turnover 270 million yuan, Tmall ranked first floor decoration main material, the first electric business category, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 500%. Nature's main reason for this growth is attributed to: to cooperate with distributors to get through online and offline. Today, She Xuebin for online play is very clear: "a leg is a standard package, which offer the packaged products; the other leg is personalized programs, let the dealer and designer collocation, provide personal solutions for consumers." There is no fighting between the two, but also a win-win situation. Sheng Xiang in the deployment of O2O strategy, aimed at making the existing traditional channels dealers can participate in electronic commerce, based on the culture of traditional dealers do e-commerce skills and ideas, the goods in accordance with the Internet thinking to design, to meet consumers' value orientation. "In the future development process, to achieve online business platform Dekor will no longer need to store the line support, online storage, distribution and installation will be third square Home Furnishing service platform independently." According to Weng Shaobin, the third party platform has tried Dekor operations in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xi'an three city, service brands not only types of services are not limited to the articles, the installation of the floor. For Del, the face of the transformation of the Internet is active, Internet plus in this process, you will believe that Del Jiyong future part of all, because the Internet is a single concept, different from the traditional thinking. In April 16, 2015, the theme of "Del Toc strategic investment cooperation conference and Zhichuang nuclear fusion" held in Suzhou, strategic investment and cooperation of the two companies officially started, Suzhou established a joint venture with Del good intelligent interconnection Co. Ltd. Home Furnishing. Del with easy to do is software development, the Internet platform of zero distance docking with consumers, directly to consumers. In the future, the floor enterprises need to rely on their strong comprehensive strength, practical, enterprising, innovative "spirit of enterprise, and actively boost the development of Chinese flooring industry. Challenges and opportunities coexist in the market, the floor enterprises have to integrate various resources, make for its own strategic planning, enterprises can be on the market in the future more of a chance.

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