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2017 China home furnishing Building Materials Industry Research Report

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Since the second half of 2016, Home Furnishing building materials enterprises landed in the capital market, the listed Home Furnishing storm continued since 2017, becoming Home Furnishing enterprises listed first year, part of the enterprise through the market boom, especially the landing of the capital market to customize the name of Home Furnishing enterprises, all have higher market value. In addition, most Jiezhuang companies come to realize the importance of front-end supply chain of brand building, brand building materials Home Furnishing had more choice of sales channels, the reasonable utilization of Internet resources, Home Furnishing enterprises to maintain stable growth.
The sustained growth of Home Furnishing industry, the overall economic environment is improved, the improvement of urbanization, the property market overall warming, "supply side structural reform", "Belt and Road Initiative and bring market opportunities of innovation and change. In addition, including the new retail operation mode for Home Furnishing industry has brought new development direction, comprehensive online and offline integration and development, the construction of all channel retailers role has become part of Home Furnishing industry can not be missing.
Recently, the "2017 European think-tank Chinese Home Furnishing Building Materials Industry Research Report" Home Furnishing according to the current situation of the development of building materials, the report will be from the "look", "Qing", "form", "potential" four aspects of interpretation Home Furnishing building materials industry market development, innovation and upgrading, the typical enterprise survival status, and future the mainstream trend. Hope to be able to reflect the dynamic growth of the existing Home Furnishing enterprise, industry to bring the market interpreted more clearly, fusion of a trend which cannot be halted the depth of the real economy, consumption upgrade and new retail era provides a new reference for the future Home Furnishing building materials enterprises, diversified and customized products, and to meet consumer demand for one-stop big Home Furnishing overall solution will become the current enterprise Home Furnishing key layout direction.

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