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How to choose the solid wood floor for the best home decoration?

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How to choose floor
1, the bedroom can be used: solid wood flooring (wood floors and wood composite floor), so you can create a warm and comfortable sleep environment, and no pollution, solid wood flooring can adjust the temperature and humidity and surface warm, is conducive to good health.
2, the bathroom and the kitchen: kitchen can choose special floor, waterproof, non slip, easy to clean and beautiful fashion.
3, the living room and children's room: it is recommended to use laminate flooring, so that it can adapt to frequent walking and daily activities, but also to avoid the trouble of changing shoes frequently.
4, restaurant: recommend B4 seven floor should be suitable for mild greasy dirt and frequent walking.
Two floor purchase matters needing attention
1.: paint on the floor above the purchase, should pay attention to the difference of paint on the market now, the floor paint is varied, there are approximately two, PU paint, UV paint, in the purchase of floor is to ask clear type paint, should buy PU paint on the floor, benzene and formaldehyde release amount of it is very high, very environmentally friendly.
2. hardness: choose wood floor, the main choice is hard floor, such floor quality is relatively high. In the selection, you can use your finger to test, if the prints are deeper, indicating that the floor is not hard, the quality is not good, it is recommended not to buy such floor.
3. material: solid wood flooring of a variety of materials, domestic materials, import materials, etc., because these flooring species are different, the price difference is great. When choosing floor, the owner should choose the floor with stable material selection, the floor with its own patterns and colors. When you choose, you can tap the floor with your hands. If you send out a clear sound, it means that the floor is better, so the floor is better.
4. moisture content: the most important factor affecting the floor deformation is the moisture content of the solid wood floor, and the moisture content of the purchased floor must be similar to the local equilibrium moisture content. Buy the floor must ask the sales staff for determining floor moisture content, the method is very simple: water in the exhibition hall first determined purchase floor sample rate, water content and the acceptance rate of the purchase of the floor, the water content is only 1% to 2%, it is suitable for the local laying floor rate.
5. taste: purchase floor can smell the smell of the floor, to see whether there is a pungent odor, if there is a pungent odor, is likely to be solid wood bed surface paint containing excessive formaldehyde, then do not buy, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body.
6. color: good quality floor color is very natural, wood grain is very clear, the material visible to the naked eye. If the color of the floor is deeper, the paint layer is thicker, it is possible for the business to conceal the lack of floor surface and intentionally for it, encountered six floors with lacquer layer, consumers should pay attention to.
7. texture: texture is the standard to determine the quality of the floor, regular texture is beautiful, is the top grade in the floor, do not choose those textures messy floor, because generally the floor quality is poor.
8. test report: report on the market for the inspection report, the manufacturers took the sample sent out the quality inspection department quality inspection department responsible for the report, this report is the sample, it is easy to pass, credibility is not high, the key is to look at the real thing, such as three layers of solid wood and multi-layer solid wood, to see their paint and glue certificate certificate, the two is not censorship, so long as the certificate is no big problem what floor.

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