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China Construction Expo joint today headlines, the National Federation of industry and Commerce furn

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In July 11th the closing of the Chinese Fair (Guangzhou), China cibf combined with today's headlines, the National Federation of furniture industry association released Home Furnishing industry data, user behavior analysis through the headlines reading needs of the readers, the present situations of large Home Furnishing industry, the future development direction of the industry outlook.
From the perspective of age groups, young and middle-aged people aged 24~50 years are more interested in home information, and these age groups are also matched with age groups with decoration needs.
From the geographical distribution, these home users are mainly distributed in coastal and central and western developed second tier cities, which is related to the consumption capacity of the residents in the region and the relatively high requirements of their own decoration.
From the perspective of urban distribution, Kita Kamihiro's users pay the highest attention to home decoration. The ranking of the distribution is related to city size, residents' consumption level and the development of the home industry in the city.
Through the analysis we found that the concentration of interest in the label, the user information reading needs Home Furnishing primary motivation is the second decoration, furniture purchase demand; and the audience also Home Furnishing on product safety, health products, purchase channels also have a higher degree of concern.
From the attention of living space, the living room as the longest living space for people living and facing the visitor's facade space, access to the most user attention.
But in recent years we have found a new generation of users in the decoration style prefer simple and stylish style, in addition to contracted wind high, Nordic wind is also beyond the previous years where the Mediterranean and the pastoral style, style into the top five.

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