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Standardize the market health order, flooring enterprises how to practice "standardization +"?

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October 14th is the annual world standard day, aims to improve the understanding of the importance of the economic activities in the world of international standards, to promote international standardization work to meet the needs of the world within the scope of business, industry, government and consumers. This year, the National Standard Committee defines China as the "world standard day" as "implementing standardization strategy to promote world interoperability."". The so-called "no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan", in all walks of life, the importance of standards self-evident, the floor enterprises and how to practice "standardization +"?
The practical significance of "standardization +" to flooring enterprises
In the process of the development of socialist market economy, "standardization +" has important practical significance to the flooring enterprises, and is the guiding light for the development of enterprises, leading the direction of enterprises.
A "standard +" can regulate floor production activities of enterprises and market behavior, and promote the establishment of the best order, promote mutual coordination and cooperation of flooring products in technology, which links the production departments and enterprises within each production link organically, to ensure the production of everything in good order and well arranged.
Second, "standardization +" realizes the scientific management of the floor enterprise, greatly improves its work efficiency, and provides hardware preparation for the expansion of the enterprise.
Third, the purpose is to look for the consumer, the development of the market, not only for its standardization, to expand the scale of production to meet market demand may be provided, but also for the implementation of customer service service, expand the competition to create the conditions.
Fourth, standardization is conducive to the stability and improvement of the quality of products and services, and promote the quality and efficiency of the flooring enterprises to develop the road, enhance the quality of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
"Name what I want, and I want too", practice "standardization +", flooring enterprises can not only get more powerful brand influence, but also can get more market profits.
Flooring enterprises how to practice "standardization +"?
As everyone knows, the flooring industry is one of China's traditional manufacturing industry, covering the fields can be described as penetrated into all aspects of people's lives, the development trend of such majestic more in need of unified standards to establish and standardize the healthy and good order, and to promote the healthy competition between enterprises, to guarantee the basic interests of consumers. So, "standardization +" in the end how to practice it?
First of all, environmental standards should always be kept in mind. This is the era of environmental protection products in the world, improve environmental standards, strict environmental standards, enterprises can take the floor throat. Secondly, the quality standard must not be forgotten. Nowadays, many enterprises are abandoning quality for the sake of profit, but this is not the long-term development of the enterprise. No matter when and where, respecting yourself and adhering to high quality is the only way out for flooring enterprises. Finally, there is no best, only better, beyond the standard, in order to obtain higher value. The standard is not immutable and frozen, the floor enterprises should have the courage to explore, and constantly improve themselves, to achieve a higher standard, way ahead of the other enterprise, can always stand in the peak of the market.
Development is endless, exploration is endless, according to the work of the chapter can not deviate from their own survival track. Adhere to standards, beyond standards, flooring enterprises will be better and better.

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