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FIRST,Never stop, create the pursuit of Hanhua

Since its establishment in 1992, Anhui Hanhua has been leading the way in the flooring industry. Hanwha has never stopped the pace of innovation.
1. Strategic innovation Green industry chain strategy “three lows and one high” means low energy consumption, low consumption, low emissions, high standards reflect the guiding strategic significance of green sustainable development; through internationalization strategy and cooperation with foreign companies and brands, Quickly establish the core competitiveness of the icon, and reach the domestic first-class and international advanced level in each field.
2. Brand Innovation For many years, we have participated in the Boao Real Estate Forum and the Summer Davos Forum, and established a leading position in the domestic industry and international economic field.
3. Product Innovation and the industry's leading brands form the “China Good Home Brand Alliance” to maximize value for consumers.
4. Design Innovation Always adhere to the "Chinese-Western integration" innovation road, bringing the design of "integration" style and personality trend;
5. Pathway innovation Under the demand of its own rapid development, the icon has created new channels, developed layout and innovative marketing mode in the same high-speed development. On the basis of the traditional channel, the integration of engineering channels, designer channels, and e-commerce channels will be integrated into the upstream and downstream. In the engineering channel, Shengxiang successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with real estate giants Vanke, Gemdale, Greentown and other top 100 Chinese real estate companies to jointly create “green residential, healthy home” and implement strategic cooperation in commercial and residential hardcover projects; St. Elephant will establish a brand image with international fashion and reliable partners to shake the middle and high-end market; in the e-commerce channel, it is necessary to establish a brand image of integrity, fashion and youth to attract more mainstream people. In addition, the icon team also explored special marketing methods such as QQ group marketing, telemarketing, and community marketing according to the characteristics of each region, bringing additional surprises to sales. Throughout the overall development of the new channel, the icon on the one hand to convey a more distinctive brand image for consumers, on the other hand to accelerate the construction of the company's soft power. The icon is not only the dream of the floor, but also the big dream of the big home era!
6. Thinking Mode Innovation Take the initiative of the Internet to invite consumers to participate, bring inspiration from professionals and consumers, change people's perception and understanding of home products, and refresh from the visual, sensory and experience. After 22 years, each time it has carried the courage of trekking and the persistence of innovation. Every time, it is also driven by innovation. Looking into the future, the pace of the icon is always firm, and the iconic people know that only by constantly advancing with the times and constantly bringing excitement to the market can we lead to a more brilliant future!

SECOND, drinking water source, gathering Hanhua soul
A country's economy is supported and developed by industry. As an industry leader in resource-based industrial enterprises, Shengxiang regards the sustainable development of resources as the foundation of the company in response to the country's major policies. Respect for resources, no waste, and sustainable development of the industry, assume the social responsibility of a large enterprise. As a leader in the industry, we recognize the responsibility on the shoulders, not only to bring quality of life to your consumers with quality products and services, but also to bring sustainable growth and returns to investors, to provide employees with a A fair and rising platform has become a model for corporate citizenship and strives to give back to the society with the utmost efforts. The icon will be committed to the eternal quality, leading the international environmental standards, fashion design and personality choice, innovation leading technology, trustworthy quality and active social responsibility, and become the recognized leading brand of wood industry.

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